Are you ready to get these oils in your life? Hooray!!!

$160 will get you started with 11 oils + a diffuser of your choice! 

1. SELECT "MEMBER" to get your kit and the 24% off that comes along with it! Do NOT choose "retail." There are no kits for retail members and you'll end up paying much more than you need to be. No thank you!

2. SPONSOR/ENROLLER - This will be the person's number who introduced you to oils or sent you here. If you click the link above the number 831078 that is prefilled in those fields will belong to me, Kimberly Laird. Just shoot me an email at if you accidentally sign up under me and be sure to include the name and email of the friend who referred you. We'll get you all fixed up in a hurry!

3. PICK YOUR KIT! This part is fun! Just choose which diffuser you want to come along with your 11 oils and samples.

4. ESSENTIAL REWARDS is totally optional, but it is totally amazing. It's a fun and affordable way get the toxins out of your home and replace them with safe, healthy options instead. I'd suggest adding on a 15ml Orange, 15ml Cedarwood, Deep Relief Roll-On, and Dentarome Plus Toothpaste. If you do, YL will send you a free oil and $5 in points to use like product credit! You're welcome!