spray base


A spray base is one of the quickest and easiest of all the bases! Imagine all the money (and exposure to chemicals) you'll save yourself by making all of your sprays yourself! Not only do essential oil sprays smell amazing, they offer aromatherapeutic benefit! This recipe is great for making linen sprays, air fresheners, sunspray, cooling face spray, and more. The possibilities are seriously endless!



  • 4oz Distilled Water - It is very important that you used distilled water in order to maintain freshness.
  • 2tsp Witch Hazel or Vodka OR a 1/4 tsp of sea salt - Either of these will act to disperse the essential oils into the water better. I like to use homemade vanilla extract to add a warm vanilla fragrance when making room or linen sprays, but plain vodka is just fine too. For personal use sprays (like hair or body spray) I sea salt.
  • 30-60 drops of Essential OilsThe possibilities are endless. See suggestions below.
  • 4 oz Glass Spray Bottle - My very favorite spray bottles are from Rail19. They are handmade, wonderful quality and you get great customer service as well. They have lots of sizes and styles to choose from! The bottle pictured here is 8 oz, so you'd want to double this recipe to fill it.

*Make your own vanilla extract by soaking vanilla beans in vodka for 6 weeks or more. Then just remove the vanilla beans and strain through a cheesecloth into a glass container



Grab your spray bottle, drop in desired essential oils, add in the witch hazel or vodka and fill with water. Just give it a gentle shake before use as the essential oils will tend to float to the top. That is only natural and a good sign that you don't have unwanted ingredients in your spray!



  • SWEET DREAMS LINEN SPRAY: 10 drops Peace & Calming, 10 drops tangerine, 5 drops lavender and 5 drops cedarwood in a base of homemade vanilla extract (or plain vodka).
  • MEYER LEMON ROOM SPRAY: 10 drops lemon, 8 drops lemon myrtle, 8 drops orange, 4 drops lemongrass in a base of homemade vanilla extract (or plain vodka).
  • COOLING SUMMER SPRAY: 10 drops carrot seed, 10 drops lavender and 10 drops peppermint in a base of witch hazel.
  • OUTDOOR SPRAY: 15 drops Purification, 10 drops citronella, 3 drops peppermint, 2 drops cedarwood in a witch hazel base.
  • KIDS HAPPY SKIN SPRAY: 10 drops Melrose, 10 drops copaiba, 5 drops lavender and 5 drops frankincense in a witch hazel base.
  • HEALTHY HAIR SPRITZER: see recipe here
  • HAND SPRAY: 20 drops Thieves and 10 drops of Purification in a base of homemade vanilla extract (or plain vodka). If you have dry skin, you may opt for witch hazel instead.
  • SKIN TONER: 15 drops lavender and 15 drops Tea Tree in a base of witch hazel.