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Homemade Coconut Creamer
Homemade Coconut Creamer

A great base for any essential oil tea is homemade coconut creamer. It’s very easy to make and so much cheaper than store bought coconut milk. Also, it’s just coconut with water and none of the preservatives and thickeners. Simplicity is the name of the game!

The ratio of coconut to water makes a big difference in achieving a creamy consistency or having hard fat rising to the top when refrigerated.  After much experimentation, I found a ratio that works for me every time. Thick and creamy with zero separation! It takes a little patience, but there’s very little hands-on time involved. I promise the results will be worth the wait! **This recipe is a great way to give essential oils to kids. (See instructions at bottom)

Homemade Coconut Creamer


  • 4 cups COCONUT FLAKES – I buy coconut flakes from Tropical Traditions because of their quality and care for the environment. They are reasonably priced and offer free shipping one Monday a month.
  • 6 cups hot filtered water – the amount used will vary slightly depending on your coconut flakes so you may not use all of it.
  • a high-speed blender – I recommend the VitaMix
  • a nut/rice milk bag – THIS is my favorite bag. It is very sturdy and durable. You can also substitute the bag with layers of cheese cloth.
Homemade Coconut Creamer


  1. Place coconut flakes into blender pitcher.  I shake the pitcher a little so flakes are more compact.
  2. Pour hot or steaming water over flakes up to the  5-1/2 cup measurement line.  Note: you are not adding 5 1/2 cups of water, just filling the blender to that point.
  3. Blend for about two minutes on high then let sit for 30 minutes to an hour minimum. Letting it sit longer won’t hurt. Blend again for two minutes then sit for 30 minutes to an hour before finishing it off by blending for two minutes one more time. I let the flakes soak for up to three hours. Two will work also but I have tried 1/2-1 hour and results are not as creamy.
  4. Place your nut bag into a bowl or 8-cup measuring cup and pour the pulp into bag. Squeeze the milk out of the bag into bowl or measuring cup. You may need to let it sit a short time to cool a little first as the blending heats it up.
  5. Refrigerate. Give it a quick shake or stir before using and enjoy! This will keep nicely for 5-6 days.

NOTE:  If the measurements are off by just a little, the blender may not be incorporating all of the mixture. If that happens, add water 1 tablespoon at a time to ensure it is mixing well.  I have not had to add more than 2  tablespoons.

Homemade Coconut Creamer

I use this as is but you can sweeten or flavor any way you like. This recipe can easily be made into coconut milk by adding more cold water prior to drinking. You can also just make coconut milk by using the ratio 1 part coconut flakes to 2-1/2 parts water, but you will end up with the fat floating to the top and hardening in the fridge and it will likely have to be blended smooth before drinking the first time.

Pro tip: Don’t throw away that pulp! Use a 1:1 ratio and pour water onto the pulp then go through the same soaking and blending process again. You’ll get a nice coconut milk out of it!

**This recipe is a great way to give essential oils to kids – big and little alike. Just drop a drop of essential oil into the bottom of a glass, cover with coconut cream and stir. Because it naturally has lots of good fats in it, the oils will be well diluted so as not to irritate their mouth or stomach. It will also keep away the oily burps. That’s a real thing!

Homemade Coconut Creamer